Can you tame me?

Hello~ I'm Hyeongkon. 23 year old Werewolf, but that's my "appearance age". I look human with the exception of my yellow eyes, wolf ears, tail, claws, and fangs. I seem mean at first, but I'm super nice. Just tell me if I troll too much and I'll stop. ^^ I love to cuddle, but I hate being called "puppy", so don't call me that or I'll claw off your face, okay?

I’ll be bringing this account back, for those who care.

But I think everyone I used to know here deactivated already.


— Tumblr Gets Deep

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Winchester logic

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I may not go down in history but I’ll go down on you

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When Leeteuk says Siwon only wants skinship

“hmhmhm bout to drink me some wa- hOW COULD YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH A THING.”

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— When a math test says ‘Explain’.

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me when i'm in my 70s: i'm not old, i'm vintage

reblog if you’re secretly a kpop idol blogging from your dorm 

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